Redding School District has partnered with the nation’s leading Computer Science program for Magnet Schools, Code to the Future, to close the science gap by incorporating Computer Science Magnet Programs into our sites at Juniper, Bonny View, and Manzanita Elementary Schools beginning in 2017-18.  At these Schools, all the students will have an opportunity to develop coding skills as part of the daily curriculum.  This is a program that works to infuse the learning with communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration skills while learning coding and computer science. Students are taught a comprehensive curriculum where computer science is integrated with content in English language arts, math, science, and social studies to create an engaging, interactive and fun learning environment. This is a paradigm shift, transitioning students from being just players or consumers of technology to creators and innovators of it.

As a District, we are committed to inspiring students to learn today and be leaders for tomorrow.  By providing the most contemporary technology learning, we will help to engage students in schooling for their future lives and open up possibilities for the students we serve. Redding School District is ensuring students are provided with the skills necessary to be successful in an ever changing world.